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1997 / 2020 GaleriaZero

Kamer 52, Zandheuvel 52 b, 4901 HW, Oosterhout,The Netherlands. email:

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GaleriaZero (from 1997) may be considered as a dynamic art gallery that is specialized in the international promotion of artists and the increasement of the communication between the perception and the art in its widest sense. This means that we do not center only in visual artists, but as well in photographers, performers, architects and even poets, light and sound artists...

Our concept is not just exhibiting artworks. We promove in our presentations as a general concept an integration between several art forms with the aim to provide a specific art experience in line with the theme and concept of the exhibition project. We as well like to transmit a specific meaning in the conjunctions we present in order to promove a social discussion or contribution of interest.

In the mentioned sense, GaleriaZero is not a commercial art gallery, but more a promoter of artists and a creator of socially relevant art presentations realized in collaboration with the artists, the location and specific professionals if required for the characteristics and the quality of the aimed art experiences.

For this same reason, artists can apply for art exhibitions and participate in the selection procedures, but in many cases artists will be approached by us if their way of working is in line with specific projects we have planned.

Usually participation will involve as well some economic collaboration by artists or its sponsors in order to cover the realization costs, publicity and specially to guarantee the quality of the presentation in general.

Program / Opportunities
APPLY for participation in GZ-BASEL 2020 25-29 September
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APPLY HERE if you wish to participate ONLY in the Virtual Exhibition GZ-BASEL 2020- VIRTUAL and the catalogue.

Participation in GZ-BASEL 2020 includes participation as well in the virtual exhibition and in the catalogue.