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1997 / 2018 GaleriaZero

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Open calls for artists, exhibition opportunities and international art promotion by means of personalized landing pages, portfolios, press releases and promotion in social media, cultural agendas and art magazines, are the main characteristics of the activities of GaleriaZero. Obviously also the professional layout during the exhibitions, selection of artworks, documental encouragement and many other aspects necessary for the realisation of art events of high quality form part of the activities.During the last years GaleriaZero has realized art exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Basel, Venice, New York and as well in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo etc. Most of the exhibitions we realize are in pop-up spaces, but as well in collaboration with established art galleries and artists organizations at different locations on the globe.To realize all exhibitions as smoothly as possible often we have to deal as well with transport matters and customers formalities to make it all happen. Also the locations and collaboration conditions in different countries may differ quiet a lot and are often changeable which requires sometimes improvisation and creativity to get always the most desirable result. Fortunately with experience from 1997 our exhibitions have proved to be successful and appealing for many people. Specially if we notice that our main goal is the international promotion of emerging and more recognized artists. This means that GaleriaZero can be considered not only as a travelling art gallery, but as well as a service company for the professional advancement of international artists independent of the media they are using.