GaleriaZero -contemporary art is a curator and promoter of international art events. We promote and encourage visual artists by means of exhibitions and other relevant resources.


GaleriaZero - situated in The Netherlands, has started its activities of international promotion for artists in 1994 under the name of International Art Collective and with the aim to break borders.Again is the idea of an international artistic groupment becoming actual. Specially because of the increasing resources of art promotion, the changing functionality of art galleries and the monopolisation somehow of the art industry.We think that the independence of artists is the most appreciated value for making art. An artist may not be subject of manipulation by the art market. Nor being forced by the dominance of a technocratic society. Nor being obliged to integrate in the habitual economic consumption system. An artist needs to save our most appreciated human values of universal beauty, emotion and love combined with the capacity to renew , reinvent and improve the actual reality. We hope that our exhibition program and the related resources may be an encouraging value for the professional advancement of artists and the art panorama in general.