International Art Exhibition 15 - 20 October 2021

Selected artists will be included as well in the virtual presentation and catalogue.


This yearly art exhibition in Berlin has been organized by GaleriaZero / The Netherlands and will be hosted this year by the German / American art foundation "Lite-Haus" situated in the Mareschstraße 4, 12055 Neukölln / Berlin / Germany.

Selected artists:

Root Yarden, Oksana Liazina, WangYuanfeng, Parjam Parsi, Art-Drone-Collective -Ulf Koenig, Masha Nova,Karel Stoop, Christina Mitterhuber,Malu Ribeiro, Maria Annenkova. Love Rozenberg, Edina Soos, Catriona Whiteford, Farhad Jafari Kia, Deniz Kazma, Elizabeth Lopez, Bernd Reichert, Aarin Purple.

Go Here to the Virtual Exhibition
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