international exhibitions of contemporary art

promotion and ncouragement of visual artists


The concept of gallery is changing. In the jungle of virtual presentations, publications, art fairs and remote exhibitions in different countries, there is an increasing need to see well selected art shows in a personalized way where you can contemplate artworks in silence and get a profound idea about the artworks and the artist. Independent of the art market and prioritizing the experience of seeing and feeling art.

Starting with this idea, we have decided to complete our program of international exhibitions, with a continue private art salon with only well selected individual exhibitions of large duration where visitors and collectors will be welcomed in the inaugurations and can make an appointment for a personalized visit that in some occasions means as well meeting the artist in person.

This private space will be initiated in the beginning of 2022 in the province of Barcelona and will count with the best conditions to appreciate art in its most favorable sense. There will be basically individual exhibitions with the duration of one month and artists will be selected only by personal invitation.

All exhibitions will be encouraged with virtual presentations, a catalogue and further publications.